April screenings at SuperNova Cinema


2.04 Japanese anime. Mamoru Oshii “Ghost in the Shell” / “Koukaku Kidoutai” (83 min; 1995)
3.04 Short films from young filmmakers “Lühike on uus pikk / “Shorty Has a New Length” (84 min; 2024)
9.04 Finnish movie. Aku Louhimies „Omerta 6/12“ (119 min; 2021)
10.04 Documentary. Martti Helde „Vara küps“ (“Vertical Money”; 86 min; 2024)
16.04 Finnish-Estonian movie. Anssi Mänttäri “Marraskuun harmaa valo” / The Grey Light of November. (73 min; 1993)
17. 04 Estonian movie Arvo Iho 75. „Halastajaõde ehk Ainult hulludele“ (“Sister of Mercy. For Crazies Only”; 93 min, 1990)
30.04 Japanese movie. Akira Kurosawa “Ikiru” (143 min; 1952)


We are screening international films on Tuesdays and Estonian films on Wednesdays.
Entrance to SuperNova is free for everyone! Whether you’re a student, lecturer, or just a film enthusiast, we welcome you to join us.


SuperNova Cinema is located in the NOVA Building of
BFM (Narva mnt 27), 4th floor, room N406. No seat reservations. The cinema hall will open 10 minutes before the screening.
Film screenings are held for educational purposes – brief commentary before and discussion after the film.


Thank you:
Fenno-Ugria, Filmstop, Kinosaurus Film, Minor Film


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