Second Curtain

Film synopsis:
TIMA (30), a respected foreman at a plant, and his close friends celebrate the birthday of one of them – IBISH (27). Their relationship looks sincere and close. Shortly after, when Tima leaves the party early for his night shift at work, one of the friends reveals rumors about the unfaithfulness of Timas wife. Friends argue on the moral conflict of informing Tima about it or respecting his privacy. Ibish who was not aware of all these, who also experiences relationship problems with his wife, decides to make Tima come home early under a certain excuse. Returned home Tima finds his wife with her lover.
Broken down learning that the lover is his friend ARIF (27) which he grew up with he ties them up and brings a riffle to kill both of them. Tima has one night for making his decision.

Tasuta sissepääs! / Free entrance!